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Rodent Removal

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At L.U.P. Pest Control, we understand how unnerving a rodent infestation can be and encourage you to call us right away if you suspect a problem. Our trained technicians can locate the source of your possible rodent infestation and implement the necessary removal strategy to bring you peace of mind. Whether you suspect rats or mice, we have a treatment plan that will suit your needs, including a two week follow-up.

Believe it or not, mice and rats are very common in the Chicago area, particularly as the weather stays at freezing or below. Our Chicago pest control team also understands the importance of using safe, family-friendly, and environmentally-safe chemicals to rid your property of unwanted rats and mice.

Our anti-rodent arsenal contains all of the following possible solutions for your problem:

  • Proprietary bait made of canary seeds and oatmeal mixed with several poisons
  • Rat and mice traps
  • Glue boards
  • Pre-baited stations

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No matter the size or extent of your rodent problem, L.U.P. Pest Control is here to help! Choose L.U.P. Pest Control for assistance in ridding your home or business of unwanted rodents. You can contact us at 773-675-4757.

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