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L.U.P. “Let Us Protect!” Pest Control in Chicago, IL is your go to source for pest control and
property maintenance. We have satisfied many customers with our top-notch and effective bed bug treatment, steam treatment and roach treatment. Please read the testimonials of our customers about our pest management.

“Before hiring L.U.P. “Let Us Protect!” Pest Control our pest problems were out of control, we had mice, roaches and bed bugs. After a few treatments, our pest problems were under control. L.U.P. “Let Us Protect!” Pest Control’s staff is very professional, reliable, thorough and friendly.” -Stormie Creed, Property Manager at Jeffery Apartments

“Owner Mike Pierce of L.U.P. “Let Us Protect!” Pest Control and his staff have done an exceptional job in the elimination of bed bugs and getting rid of them for good. Not only will they treat the apartments but also provide preventative treatments to stop spreading, steam treat carpets and provide furniture removal for severe infestations. Their knowledge and expertise in the elimination of bed bugs has been essential in helping us to get our bed bugs under control. They will go the extra mile in making sure your units are treated fast and efficiently, leaving your tenants relieved and bed bug free.” -Robyn Travis, Property Manager at Hyde Park West Apartments

“We were experiencing a bed bug infestation. We had other pest control companies come in and charge extraordinary high prices but not able to eradicate the bed bug problem. When we contacted L.U.P. “Let Us Protect!” Pest Control they brought in an extensive treatment program for the units and have been successful at eradicating the bed bugs. I can confidently say that we currently have no units with bed bugs. The Management and residents are extremely happy with the services that they provide.” -Cornia Pitsenbarger, Manager at South Michigan Apartments

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